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The hit of Metaverse in Self Driving Application Development – The Alternate for the Reality


I always wanted to move forward and utilize the available latest advancement in technology for self-driving vehicle development. As we all know that the digital twin or the simulators are always play a major role in autonomous vehicle application integration and testing through the software-in-loop and hardware-in-loop methods.

Due to the drawbacks currently available in some of the self-driving vehicle simulators, I thought of finding a solution in the augmented or virtual reality side for the photorealistic world environment with rare scenarios creation.

I have come across blockchain technologies and their decentralized approach which led me to reach the technology advances called “Metaverse”, then I started digging more on to the technology applications in the field of self-driving vehicles. 


The Metaverse is also called meta-world, super-sensing space, and virtual space. It is a persistent and decentralized online three-dimensional virtual environment that can be virtualized Hardware devices such as reality glasses, augmented reality glasses, mobile phones, personal computers, and electronic game consoles have entered the Metaverse.


The impact will it have on the development of the automotive industry and autonomous driving is on the

1.      hardware compute power and

2.      the space for better learning about real-time scenarios.

The cost of hardware equipment is very high. In real-life autonomous vehicles, the design development, and testing of hardware equipment such as lidar, radar, onboard camera, and other sensors is a complex process that consumes time, effort, and cost.

The cost of providing Real-time scenarios for Autonomous driving requires a huge amount of road data with various test scenarios.

In Metaverse, all design and implementation of hardware, sensory systems, and the creation of the real-world scenario will be just a few hundred thousand or million lines of code. 


Post material search, I realized that the Metaverse is the next era, and technological advancements are available for producing reliable self-driving vehicle applications. I believe it’s time to ask for better things beyond self-driving vehicle simulators.








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