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RoshAI Drive By Wire
Engineering Services

Autonomy Sensors Integration

Rigid and Seamless Sensor Integration Services

Retrofit Drive-By-Wire Kit is a comprehensive hardware and software system that enables seamless electronic control of a vehicle’s brake, throttle, steering, and shifting.

  • Automotive Wiring Harness
  • Rigid and NVH Compatible Sensor Racks
  • Vibration resistant and Precision Mounts
  • Showroom Style Tightly Integrated Custom Design
  • Integration of Sensors with Zero Vehicle Modification

Hybrid Sensor Racks

RoshAI provides various sensor racks designed to accommodate different configurations, from a single LiDAR sensor to multiple sensor suites

Integrated Calibration

Offers a comprehensive solution by automating and integrating the calibration process for all autonomous vehicle (AV) sensors as part of their integration services

Wiring Harness

RoshAI's use of automotive-grade wiring for sensor integration highlights their focus on creating trustworthy and high-functioning autonomous vehicles

NVH Compatible

Solution by RoshAI seems to be a comprehensive approach to addressing NVH challenges in vehicles
Engineering Services

Autonomy Sensor Racks & Bars

Multi-sensor Rig
Sensor Hybrid Hub

A centralized system or platform that combines and integrates data from multiple types of sensors

Bespoke Camera Arrangement
Signature Camera Setup

A customized and distinct arrangement of cameras designed to meet specific needs, preferences, or requirements

Effortless Wiring Integration
Non-Invasive Wiring Harness

A wiring solution designed to minimize or eliminate the need for extensive modifications to a vehicle's existing electrical system during installation

Engineering Services

ADAS Systems Development & Testing Services

Track Testing
Directed Soft Control Targets

Series of impactable and controllable soft targets that mimic actual vehicles and other elements found on the road

Precision DBW
Vehicle Dynamics Controller

Multi-variant drive-by-wire system to provide the precision control over latitude and longitudinal modules

V2V Software
V2V Collaborative Interface

accurate synchronization of more than one vehicle is key to many types of ADAS development testing

HIL/SIL Compatible
Robot Driver-in-loop Interface

Run tests as a Driver-in-the-Loop simulator or use our automated driver to run the vehicle through the test scenarios

Testing Services

AV Functional Testing

x-in-loop Interfaces

Retrofit Drive-By-Wire Kit is a comprehensive hardware and software system that enables seamless electronic control of a vehicle’s brake, throttle, steering, and shifting.

  • Accelerate Software Development and Testing
  • Ease of Use Models for Virtual ECUs and Systems
  • Integration with 3rd Party Controllers
  • Seamless Transition – SIL to HIL, Reuse of Testcases
  • Decades of Industry Tools Experience


Automation in HIL Testing using Industry establish tools

System Analysis

Expertise in execution of HIL/MIL/SIL testing with the help of tools such as CANalyzer, LabView, ETAS Tool Chain, Rational Quality Manger


Algorithm testing at all stages of product development within the modeling environment.

Model Development

Expertise in MATLAB/Simulink tools for creation of the testing environment to verify the model
Test Automation

Infotainment Systems Testing Automation

RoshAI’s Proprietary Infotainment Testing Automation platform has many capabilities that make it highly suitable for automotive infotainment system testing with lesser efforts

Expertise for AV to Data Analytics


RoshAI's AI CoE is built with the cutting edge AI solutions and technologies, and also with the team of experts to assist industries including research units, data scientists, and startups, in developing AI solutions.