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Self Driving Car For India

Roshy John’s self-driving car vrooms towards the future

Retrofit Drive-By-Wire Kit is a comprehensive hardware and software system that enables seamless electronic control of a vehicle’s brake, throttle, steering, and shifting.

  • L2 Autonomy for India Roads
  • Interoperable Systems
  • For People


Testing and validation technique used in the development of autonomous vehicles and other complex software systems

Defensive Driving

Showcased set of driving techniques and strategies aimed at reducing the risk of accidents and promoting overall road safety

L2 Autonomy

the vehicle is capable of performing certain driving tasks autonomously, but a human driver must remain engaged and ready to take control of the vehicle at any moment
Media Moments

RoshAI Press & Media Testimonials

Bengaluru pals building India’s first driverless car

Autonomous car: Indian techie builds self-driving Tata Nano

Bengaluru friends driven to build India’s first driverless car

The Way This Man Turns a Tata Nano into a Self-Driving Car Is Nothing Short of Brilliant!

Indian Man Builds Self-Driving Tata Nano, Feel Free to Be Impressed

Indian Man Makes First Autonomous Nano

Autonomy Enabled Tata Nano

India's first Autonomous Vehicle with Level L3

Bengaluru: Roshy John, a Bengaluru-based techie along with a dedicated 29 team members, has developed India’s first driverless car Tata Nano Autonomous. John, who is the practice head, robotics and cognitive systems at Tata Consultancy

Shared Autonomous Vehicles

Driverless Cars Ecosystem Up-Skilling and Re-Skilling Chauffeurs

Innovation becomes path-breaking when it gets dynamic. And for it to be dynamic you need to make it approachable and available to the masses. My quest has always been for a sea change that transforms human life. ‘The Driverless car’ is an idea that crept into my head during a late-night drive when I found my taxi driver dozing off. Ever since then, I with my team of passionate engineers have been working on the concept of Autonomous vehicles.