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Revolutionizing Vehicle Testing with Autonomous Conversion Kits


Testing autonomous technology on public roads is a critical step towards the realization of fully autonomous vehicles. However, the process can be a long and expensive one as automakers need to develop and build their own self-driving test vehicles from scratch. But what if there was a way to quickly convert a production vehicle into an autonomous vehicle for testing and research? That’s where our autonomous conversion kits come in.

Our conversion kits allow automakers and researchers to transform traditional production vehicles into autonomous test vehicles. With seamless control of throttle, brake, shifting, and steering, users can conduct rigorous testing and research without the need for building their own custom vehicles.

Benefits of Autonomous Conversion Kits

Our conversion kits come with several benefits that make them a valuable tool for vehicle testing and research:

  • Cost-effective: Rather than building custom autonomous vehicles from scratch, our conversion kits allow you to quickly and easily retrofit existing production vehicles, which is a more affordable option.
  • Flexible: Our conversion kits are compatible with a wide range of traditional production vehicles, making them a versatile tool for automakers and researchers alike.
  • Accurate Results: Our seamless control system ensures that the converted vehicles respond accurately to testing scenarios, resulting in reliable and meaningful data.

How Autonomous Conversion Kits Work

Our conversion kits are designed to be easy to install and use. The process involves retrofitting the vehicle with our autonomous technology, which includes sensors, processors, and actuators. These components work together to enable the vehicle to operate autonomously.

Once installed, users can use a laptop or tablet to control the converted vehicle, sending commands to the control system to execute various maneuvers. Our conversion kits mimic the behavior of a human driver, allowing the vehicle to drive itself while still adhering to safety protocols.


Autonomous conversion kits offer a cost-effective and flexible solution for vehicle testing and research. By converting traditional production vehicles into autonomous test vehicles, automakers and researchers can conduct rigorous testing and gather valuable data without the need for building custom vehicles. If you are interested in learning more about our autonomous conversion kits, please contact us for more information.

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